K4 Integration with Adobe DPS

Publish on Tablets and Smartphones. Easy.

Using vjoon K4® and AEM Mobile (formerly DPS/Digital Publishing Solution), you produce digital editions of your publications for tablets or smartphones in a more efficient way. This makes use of standard vjoon K4 functions and can be highly automated, allowing you to manage layouts and meta data within the system, have multiple users work at layout content parallel, and make use of Adobe InDesign Server to render AEM Mobile / DPS publications in the background. In addition to that uploading of single layouts or the entire issue to Adobe Folio Producer is automated.


  • Send all content to AEM Mobile / DPS, fully automated and in the background at the touch of a button.
  • Speed up your uploads to AEM Mobile / DPS by using several upload channels in parallel.
  • Render all AEM Mobile / DPS data and renditions on the K4 Server to relieve your local workstations from processing power.
  • Upload single AEM Mobile / DPS layouts (e.g. articles, ads) or the entire data of a magazine fully automated.
  • Determine if articles will be free, accessible only to subscribers, or part of a metered offering that may be accessed up to a set limit.
  • Use automated workflows that streamline and speed up what otherwise be labor-intensive routine chores such as adapting page formats (e.g. 4:3, 16:9), styles (e.g. font sizes) and units of measure (milimeters or pixels).
  • Collaborate efficiently by integrating several team members (e.g. project managers, editors, designers, video specialists) and benefit from working in parallel on the same layout.