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February 9, InPublishing @InPublishing
RT @InPublishing: How safe are your production systems? Data security need not be a hassle, says @vjoon's Christian Tchorsch
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February 8, vjoon @vjoon
The State of #ContentMarketing 2017 by @econtentmag
February 7, vjoon @vjoon
An Interview w/ the MPA president: Why 2017 is the year of #magazine media – by @pubexec
February 1, vjoon @vjoon
Collaboration is extremely important for media companies! — Video interview w. #NorthstarTravelGroup by @pubexec
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Schnell Anmelden: Kostenloser #Workshop zur Optimierung komplexer #Publishing-Prozesse –
January 19, vjoon @vjoon
Integrate Third-Party Systems Within Your Workflow with K4 External Task Dispatcher
January 13, MediaPost @MediaPost
RT @MediaPost: MPA: Print, Digital Audience Rises 5.5%.
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January 11, PewResearch Internet @pewinternet
RT @pewinternet: The portion of Americans who ever get news on a mobile device has gone up from 54% in 2013 to 72% today.
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December 29, vjoon @vjoon
Read about #ContentMarketing trends for #associations in 2017 @ContentCouncil @glcdelivers
December 16, vjoon @vjoon
Annual #financial statements: This is how you can simplify your publication of financial statements with #vjoonK4