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Video: What publishers can learn from agencies about #nativeadvertising via @pubexec
April 29, Content Marketing @CMIContent
RT @CMIContent: Content marketing’s secret sauce? Good workflow. by @scottseverson
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w/ @dpcinyc we strengthen our partner network with a #drupal expert from New York City. Read more about it: #vjoonK4
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Edit, manage, research your #multichannel content centrally in a browser #vjoonK4
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Export media-neutral data to third party systems with K4 XML Exporter #vjoonK4
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The 3 Most Effective Content Curation Strategies via @CMIContent
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Congratulations to our customer @DIEZEIT ! Awarded as world’s best designed print newspaper by @SND #SND37
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Concept of structured content: Helps you to find your #content more easily and to repurpose it more efficiently.
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Is #contentmarketing filling the void left by old media?
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Even more #contentmarketing awards! Again for our customer @C3_content and #publik #mercuryawards