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Bigdata: Companies Are Creating So Much Data, It Has to Be Shipped in Trucks - via @Gizmodo
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Next level automation: Who needs media planners when a tireless robot can do the job? - via @Digiday #AI
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The New York Times’ digital business more than doubled in the past six years – via @Recode #publishing #digital
May 8, PewResearch Internet @pewinternet
RT @pewinternet: Share of online Americans who use … Facebook: 79% Instagram: 32% Pinterest: 31% LinkedIn: 29% Twitter: 24% https://t…
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RT @Digiday: What European marketers really think about agencies and platforms
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Our customer @RodaleInc unveils Men’s Health fresh look and new direction -via @pubexec
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Why more and more publisher pull out of facebook´s instant articles and apple news -via @Digiday
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4 Media Tech Trends That Aren’t Going Away @pubexec #FUSEMedia #Publishing #Tech #Media
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6 Underused #ContentMarketing Strategies That Get Results via @jeffbullas
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RT @MsKimKaze: What to look for when hiring a content writer by @lilachbullock #contentmarketing
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