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July 26, extensis @extensis
RT @extensis: See how automated font testing with Universal Type Server is driving up productivity on @vjoon K4 platform
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July 26, vjoon @vjoon
Bloomberg Businessweek @BW launches Mexico edition, #vjoonK4 supports many language and layout variants:…
July 19, vjoon @vjoon
@TiMe_GmbH betreut mit #planetc Europas größtes Immobilienmagazin #Bellevue mit #Redaktionssystem #vjoonK4
July 19, InPublishing @InPublishing
RT @InPublishing: Q&A: @vjoon's Holger Kraemer & @twixlmedia's Laurent Gerniers look at key mobile choices facing publishers:
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July 17, vjoon @vjoon
Try out #vjoonK4 Version 7! Offers improved Approval, Template Elements, Storage Engine, Cloud Capabilities…
July 14, vjoon @vjoon
Font management by @extensis integrated with #vjoonK4 #publishing #press
July 13, vjoon @vjoon
Interview @InPublishing : Developments in tablet & mobile #publishing with our friends from @twixlmedia
July 4, Unleashed Tech @UnleashTech
RT @UnleashTech: We surveyed 66 #AMP17 attendees on #Digital #Publishing | Here are the Infographic Results: #Marke
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July 4, mainblau GmbH @mainblau
RT @mainblau: #BrandsOnSpeed gewinnt Gold für #PorscheClassic "Originale","Hall of Fame" mit dem #Audi Geschäftsbericht. #K4
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July 3, wirDesign @wirdesign
RT @wirdesign: In unserem Newsletter rund um Geschäfts- und Nachhaltigkeitsberichte: Report der @eexgroup Vorstellung @vjoon K4 uvm https:/…
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